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Where Can I Find Help?

We want to reach out to those of you who want more crime scene cleanup business (including hoarding, accidents and other incidents involving blood and bodily fluids).  After nearly three years of helping victims and family members find the help they need, we’re still falling short in our efforts.  On nearly a weekly basis, a victim, family member or friend contacts us for assistance.  Far too often we have to turn down their request for help, simply because we do not have enough members to assist them. 

As a nationwide directory that ranks at the top of Google for many industry keyword searches, we get calls for service and directory visitors from every city and state in the United States.  Although some of the best and largest crime scene cleanup companies are members of our directory, our relatively small list of members are unable to service the entire US.

Here’s a more detailed look at why we need your help:

  • receives over 5000 visitors a month.  These visitors search or view over 16,450 pages in our directory each month.
  • Many of our visitors are looking for a crime or trauma scene cleanup company in their area
  • There are thirty-one states (31) in our directory that none of our members service!
  • There are hundreds of cities in the US that our current members do not service
  • We routinely receive calls and emails from potential customers who we are unable to assist recently launched 100’s of city optimized websites, such as  Sites such as this one generate service requests that are routinely received by our office.  These requests are immediately sent to our listing members.  Unfortunately, we do not send many of these requests because we have no one available to help in the customer’s city or state.  Here is a sample request that was sent to our members today:

Name: Crystal

City: Denver

State: Colorado

Phone Number: (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Email Address:

How Can We Help: Decomposition

Message: My estranged husband died a several days ago. He was found aprox 3 or4 days after death. He died of alcohol poisoning. I have to.clean up his apartment since i am next of kin.

What Happens to the Body After Death

What happens to the body after death?  Most of us in the Crime Scene Cleanup Industry have had the unfortunate experience of cleaning the remains of a decomposed body.  We know there’s an odor and a gooey sludge, but what actually happens to the body after death?

Obviously the first thing that happens when a body dies is the heart stops beating and the body temperature begins to drop.  After the heart stops beating, blood is no longer pumped through the body.  The capillaries begin to drain from the upper parts of the body and settle in the lower portions of the body.  Thus, if a body is lying on a bed, the front of the body will be pale while the back portion will turn a dark red color.

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