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How to Start a Crime Scene Cleanup Business

On a daily basis our staff receives emails from individuals who are interested in starting a crime scene cleanup business.  Many of those who contact us have previous medical, military or law enforcement experience.  Very few have business experience. 

The Crime Scene Cleanup Industry is unlike many service industries.  Take for example the janitorial industry or security industry.  When a business owner secures a contract in either of these industries, he or she has the opportunity to cater to that particular client on a regular basis.  Both janitorial and security services are typically provided on a daily basis, which provides for a sustained and calculated income.  Crime & trauma scene cleanup does not offer this same type of job security.

Although skills learned in the medical, military and law enforcement fields can play an important role in your decision to start a crime scene cleanup business, it takes much more to be successful. Unlike many service industries where you may be able to rely on one or two big contracts to generate an adequate income, you must willing and able to work harder and smarter in building and maintaining your crime scene cleanup business.

Even though crimes and traumatic events occur on a daily basis, your business will not receive calls for service on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, there may be several days in a row when you receive no business at all.  However effective marketing and advertising, as well as your ability to offer your services at a competitive price, will help to keep these “profitless” days to a minimum. 

One concept that we continue to preach is that of “name recognition”.  It is imperative in this business (crime scene cleanup) to have your business name known.  Most people are not actively searching for a crime scene cleanup company in the same fashion that they may be looking for an auto mechanic.  People don’t search the web for a crime scene cleanup company to provide them with nightly services, as they would if searching for a security guard company.  However, while people are searching for various things on line, they may come across your business through various directories, pay per click ads, blogs, forums, etc.  Since your business belongs to a rather unique industry, many who indirectly stumble upon your business name and info will, out of curiosity, want to learn more.

At some point in everyone’s life, death or a traumatic incident will occur.  When this happens and that person is in need of the services you offer, you want them to remember your name.  Or at the very least, remember seeing your name somewhere in the past.  Human nature compels us to use a company or service we’re familiar with.  If and when a person (or company) needs your services and a search for “crime scene cleanup” or “hoarding cleanup” is conducted, thousands of search results will be produced.  How will your company stand above your competitors?  Name recognition!  If your name is known by the person conducting the search (that person has seen your name in print elsewhere), chances are likely your company will be selected over your competitors.

Name recognition is not hard to build, but does take time.  Start by finding every directory within your industry that allows for free or inexpensive advertising.  Next, look for free directories outside of your industry to advertise in.  Create a second and third website.  Create and maintain a blog. Take part in industry forums and have a link to your company website in every forum posting.  Create a wiki page. Upload a video about your business to You Tube.  Create a FaceBook page, LinkedIn profile and Twitter page for your business.

You can be successful in the Crime Scene Cleanup Industry, but it will take more work than some of you are prepared to do. Although various technical and management skills are important to every business, previous business experience and some marketing and advertising knowledge will take you far in the successful operation of your new crime scene cleanup business.  To learn more about creating or starting a crime scene cleanup business, please visit



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