PDF Crime Scene Cleanup Business Directory

Three years ago the staff at created a PDF version of our Crime Scene Cleanup Business Directory.  Since that time our PDF directory has been viewed thousands of times by potential More »


New Features & Updates to Promote Your Business

During the past few days we have been busy upgrading so that new features are available to you as a business owner.  Here are some of the features that are now More »


Are You Converting Visitors into Paying Customers?

Happy New Year from all of us at As we start a new year most of us will consider making changes in our personal lives.  Equally important will be the changes More »

A Simple Approach to Better Business

As business owners, we spend countless hours trying to find the right way to advertise. Every month our hard earned money is allocated to business directories, phone books and pay per click More »

Who’s Going Out of Business?

Sometimes we have no choice. For one reason or another a sustainable revenue is beyond our reach. Business must close for the last time and there’s nothing we can do about it. More »

Where Can I Find Help?

We want to reach out to those of you who want more crime scene cleanup business (including hoarding, accidents and other incidents involving blood and bodily fluids).  After nearly three years of More »

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Start an Exciting New Career in Biohazard Remediation

Interested in starting a newCrime_Scene_Training_Course_Coupon career? Take advantage of this 10% off coupon to attend our 5-day Biohazard Remediation (Crime Scene Cleanup) Training Course, regularly priced at $1,300.  If you’re not familiar with the industry, Biohazard Remediation is the process of removing blood and bodily fluids from a contaminated scene and restoring that scene to a pre-incident condition. Companies within this industry generally bill in excess of $125 per hour for crime & trauma scene cleanup services (and more in certain geographical locations) and work is always in demand. Through our five day course, you’ll receive: classroom, hands-on and business training.  Together, these three modules have helped hundreds of students before you to start their own profitable and rewarding company in this exciting industry.

Upcoming training courses will be held on these dates:

  • August 31 – September 4, 2015
  • October 5 – October 9, 2015
  • November 9 – November 13, 2015

Please visit our website at to learn more. Seating is limited so please don’t wait long to reserve your seat. All classes are held in Indianapolis, Indiana. Transportation to and from the hotel will be provided.

PDF Crime Scene Cleanup Business Directory


Three years ago the staff at created a PDF version of our Crime Scene Cleanup Business Directory.  Since that time our PDF directory has been viewed thousands of times by potential customers from nearly every part of the United States.  As of March 1, 2015, all of our members with a current paid company listing are now featured in this directory, which can be found at and several other industry related websites.  To view the PDF directory, please follow this link: Biohazard Remediation Directory 

If you would like to be included in this directory, please create a business listing at  To learn more, please visit

At $99 per year, this is the best and least expensive form of business exposure you can buyHere is what you receive for your paid subscription:

  • Emailed business leads
  • Access to thousands of monthly visitors to and our sister sites
  • Inclusion in the PDF version of our directory, which has been downloaded 1,000’s of times by interested parties
  • Additional listings in major search engines.  If you include enough information in your listing page at, your page may show up on the 1st page of Google!!!
  • The ability to present to the general public so much information that they may not otherwise find through your website or social media sites


Crime Scene Cleanup / Remediation – Advertise Here!!!


Many of you operating in the Crime & Trauma Scene Remediation Industry have heard of  Many of you have even advertised with us, some of you for several years and in multiple states. has been around for several years and we continue to drive industry specific traffic to our member’s directory profile pages and on to their respective company websites.  Our visitor stats for the year 2014 reflect an average of: 5469 monthly visits, 20,752 monthly page views and 57,887 monthly hits.  Not too many other biohazard remediation directories can boast this much activity on a regular monthly basis.

One thing we like to do at is to help our paying customers get the most out of their directory listing.  If you are a current member and would like to increase your chances of converting visitors into paying customers, please be sure to read our post “Converting Visitors Into Paying Customers”.

If you are not yet a member of, it’s very easy to join. Please follow this link “Join” to get started.  If for any reason you need assistance, please email us at support (at) Once you start the listing process, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to edit your profile any time you wish.  You are in complete control of your directory listing page and are able to upload pictures, forms, documents and more.  Your profile page will be linked to your social media sites and your business website.

At $99 for an entire year, offers one of the least expensive forms of online advertising.  Please give us a try today. We’re certain you won’t be disappointed.


New Features & Updates to Promote Your Business


During the past few days we have been busy upgrading so that new features are available to you as a business owner.  Here are some of the features that are now available to our listing members:

  • Add to your listing page “hours of operation”.  May not be pertinent to some of our members, but others do have set hours of operation
  • Add a Youtube video to your listing page.  It’s easy to do.  Just edit your listing and add the Youtube video code (not the entire URL, just the code) of your video in the space provided. See the Bio-Trauma 911 directory page for an example of the Youtube video.
  • Add a video you may have hosted at Vimeo.  Same as above, just add the code of the video that is found in the URL in the space provided in your “edit listing” screen.
  • Google map that displays your company when an individual conducts a search.  Try it out!  Just go to our directory and choose for example “Crime Scene Cleanup” from the dropdown menu in the search bar.
  • You’ll see a “QR Code” on your listing page.  This isn’t fully functional yet, but should be soon.
  • Updated code throughout the directory to improve search engine optimization and directory searches
  • More new features to be available soon

For information on updating your directory page and to take advanatage of the new features above (don’t forget about adding your Linkedin and Twitter info), please visit

In addition, several years ago the staff at created a PDF version of our Crime Scene Cleanup Business Directory.  Since that time our PDF directory has been viewed thousands of times by potential customers from nearly every part of the United States.  As of January 4, 2014, all of our members with a current paid company listing are now featured in this directory, which can be found at and several other industry related websites. 

To view this directory please look for it in the right-hand column of our website or open this link PDF Directory.

Please take time to review your listing in our PDF directory for accuracy.  If you would like changes to be made, please send your request to

If you would like to be included in this directory, please create a business listing at  To learn more, please visit

Are You Converting Visitors into Paying Customers?


Happy New Year from all of us at

As we start a new year most of us will consider making changes in our personal lives.  Equally important will be the changes you choose to make in your business. As our personal lives, our happiness and level of success are often intertwined with our business and professional lives, changes to either will often affect one another.

Following our previous email, we received numerous responses and requests from members of  To those of you who have asked us to assist with your website optimization and social media marketing, we will respond to you very soon.  To those members who have renewed your membership with our crime scene cleanup directory, thank you very much.

In light of business changes you may choose to make in 2014, we would like to take a minute to discuss a recent comment made by one of our members.  The comment expressed this member’s concern that he was not receiving enough business leads from  While this is a very valid concern for any business owner who spends money for a business directory listing, we submit the following in response. brings in thousands of potential customers every month.  Unlike directories similar to, which charges hundreds of dollars a month and caters to customers and businesses in every industry, changes only $100 a year and targets individuals only looking for crime & trauma scene remediation services. can bring potential clients to your doorstep, but that’s as far as we can bring them.  We cannot bring them into your business or close the deal.  This is your job.  If you are not reaping the benefits of a paid membership with, you need to look at several factors that may be affecting your ability to convert website visitors into paying customers.  Here are some ideas:

  • What does your directory listing look like at Is it thorough and concise? Do you have links to your website? Do you have enough information on your listing page to entice someone to click through to your website? Do you include pictures and sales literature in your listing?
  • When a potential client clicks through to your website, what does he or she find?  Like your directory listing page, is your website clear, concise and easy to navigate?  Do you use neutral colors or bright bold colors? Do you include a “Call to Action” on each page of your website? Do all of your internal links work?
  • If a customer is pleased with your directory listing page and website, he or she may feel comfortable enough to call you. Now think about your method of accepting incoming calls.  Can a potential client always reach a member of your staff to discuss his or her needs or are they sent to an answering service or voicemail.  In this industry most individuals will want to talk to a live person who is knowledgeable about their unique situation.  An answering service or voicemail will typically send them in search of another company for help.
  • Does your website allow for an individual to complete a detailed email/contact form to explain their situation?  So many potential clients, especially hoarders, will want to first make contact via email before making the initial phone call.
  • Do you have a means for potential clients to chat with a help desk or support personnel?  If not, very inexpensive (and often free) systems exist that will integrate with your existing website.
  • How do you track incoming traffic to your website?  How do you track incoming calls to your business? How many people have found you through and simply tell you “I found you online”.  An individual may very well find you on, then conduct a search of Google to see what your company has to offer or if there are any negative entries about your company.  The individual will then click through to your website and simply tell you “I found you through your website”. 

The bottom line is we can only do so much for you.  Take advantage of the potential clients who visit each month. Treat them to a well-designed and thoughtfully layed out directory listing. Take time to redesign your website (if that’s what it needs) so that it helps you to receive an initial contact, whether by email or phone, from a potential client.  Remember – the key to business success is your ability to convert potential clients into paying clients.

  • If you need help with your business listing, please ask us.
  • If you can’t remember your username or password to log into your directory control panel, please ask us.
  • If you would like to create a new account and start over, please feel free to do so.

There are very few limits to what you can do at  The amount of information you can present to potential clients through our directory is extensive.  We offer you all of the tools you need to put your company in front of people who need your services. You should take full advantage of this opportunity.

In closing consider your listing with and the information you provide to entice a click through to your website. Consider your website and all that it has to offer. And, take time to create a free listing and write business related articles at  Again, the more an individual sees and recognizes your company name in print and advertising, the more likely that person will be to contact you when your services are needed.

Best of luck to you and all your business endeavors in 2014.

A Simple Approach to Better Business

Alert-Worldwide-Logo-A3As business owners, we spend countless hours trying to find the right way to advertise. Every month our hard earned money is allocated to business directories, phone books and pay per click ads.  We mail sales literature, we pass out trinkets with our company name and contact info and attend trade shows.  While these efforts are probably not in vain, how much revenue can be directly attributed to each these advertising methods? What is the return on your investment (ROI)?  How much money are you really making?

The purpose of this article is not to convince you to curtail or to stop your current advertising program.  It is meant to convey to you other options and opportunities that you may not be taking full advantage of.  Most of what I will talk about will cost you very little, thus resulting in a much better ROI.

Companies like Bio-Trauma 911 and Trinity Executive Services, Inc. have for many years used Alert Worldwide, LLC for their internet advertising needs. Together these two companies bring in millions of dollars in revenue each year, with very little of that revenue allocated to advertising.

Over the years, I have written numerous articles about website optimization for the Security and Crime Scene Cleanup Industries.  While a highly optimized website will benefit a business in any industry, this is a crime scene cleanup blog and this article should relate to your industry.

Many of you reading this article are members of and have a business listing through this directory.  While some of the directory listings I’ve viewed are very well written and should generate some response from potential clients, others are not.  Here are some of the discrepancies I’ve noted:

  • Very short descriptions, sometimes just a few sentences in length
  • No external links pointing to your company website
  • No links to your Twitter or LinkedIn profiles
  • Broken links to your company website
  • Incomplete or non-existent addresses or phone numbers
  • No pictures, sales literature
  • No videos

An internet business directory will do four things for your business:

  1. Drive traffic to your website, or
  2. Result in a direct call from the directory, and/or
  3. Create name recognition, or
  4. Turn people off and drive them to your competitor

Ideally numbers 1-3 above will apply.

I’ve used the as an example to help me illustrate the point(s) I want to make in this article.  Please allow me to preface this next paragraph with the fact that the internet generates billions of dollars in revenue for business owners.  Much of this revenue comes by way of online business directories and keyword searches through Google, Yahoo and Bing.

I told you earlier in this article that you could generate more revenue for your business while spending very little to do so.  Here is how it can be done:

  • Don’t be afraid of small business directories like  Well over 200,000 searches for services you offer have been conducted through this directory. Other business directories see similar stats.  At $99 a year for a business listing, you have very little to lose.  Remember the four options above? A well written business listing will generally result in a phone call, a visit to your webpage or name recognition.
  • What about name recognition?  Many people who happen to find you on the internet may not be ready or willing to purchase your services at the time they discover you.  However, the more an individual sees your company name on the internet, in print advertising, on a billboard, etc., the more likely he or she will be to call you when your services are needed.
  • A well written directory listing page, such as the listing page of Bio-Trauma 911, may be indexed by search engines.  To begin with your directory listing page should have no less than 250 words and the page should contain keywords and keyword phrases (e.g. crime scene cleanup, biohazard remediation, hoarding).  Your directory listing through, or may very well show up on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ahead of your own company website.  This is another form of advertising that will benefit your company.
  • Banner ads are important.  While many of us never click a banner ad, they allow for us to put our company name in front of potential customers/clients.  Again, you’re creating name recognition. allows you to upload banner ads for free if you’re a member.  Banner ads are not too difficult to create and for a small fee the staff at will create one for you if you are unable to.  Look for any site that will allow you to upload a banner ad.
  • Articles and blogs are another cost effective way to put your business in front of prospective clients. allows you to write articles about your business for FREE!  The staff of will accept your article and reprint it in their blog for free as well.  Throughout the internet there exists hundreds of similar sites where you can write about your business and its services.
  • Create a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profile for your company. Spend time to add relevant information to these profile pages. Use business directories and your company website to drive traffic to these profiles. Often times these social media profile pages will have more relevant and up-to-date information about your company and its services.
  • A well written and highly optimized website that is search engine friendly will probably be one of your best business assets.  Finding your website on page one of Google for any number of keyword search terms is the holy grail of internet advertising. Google search nearly any keyword phrase pertaining to the Crime Scene Cleanup Industry and if you’re located in the Midwestern United States, you’ll probably find Bio-Trauma 911 and/or on the first page of the SERP.  You may have a very nice looking website that is attractive, flashy and full of useful information but if you’re not on page one of the SERP, your website isn’t doing you much good.  Find a company or individual who understands website optimization and work towards improving your placement.

There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of places you can find to spend your hard earned money on advertising. Find what works best for you, keep advertising sources that generating a healthy ROI, increase your name recognition and improve your placement in organic search listings.  Remember, while you may not always be able to directly link a phone call or website visit to a particular directory, your business and website visitors are coming from somewhere.  You never know when your next client may have found your business six months ago through a small online directory and today needs your help.

Upcoming Crime Scene Cleanup School

van_staff_smallFor those of you interested in starting a crime scene cleanup business, Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. is offering a training course that runs from June 17th, 2013 through June 21st, 2013.  Our course is held in Indianapolis, Indiana and is open to anyone over the age of eighteen.  You do not need a high school diploma, GED or any knowledge about the Crime Scene Cleanup Industry to attend.

Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. has hosted and taught a crime scene cleanup training course since 2007 and has trained hundreds of crime scene cleanup technicians from around the world.  Our crime scene cleanup course is one of the most competitively priced courses offered in the United States and our staff is committed to providing a comprehensive and dynamic learning experience to each and every student.  Complete with Power Point presentations, videos, study materials, professional instruction and hands-on training, its value cannot be matched. Class size generally ranges from six to ten students and class seats do not last long.  If you are interested in attending our course, please visit for more information.

After viewing the information on our training page (the above link) and you have an interest in attending our course, please remember to complete the reservation form.  Since this upcoming class has only a few seats left, it is recommended that you pay at least a deposit to hold your seat or pay the full amount for the class seat up front.  We will not hold a class seat if full payment is not received prior to the start of the class.

Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. does not offer any type of financial aid and does not act as a job placement agency. Should you have any questions regarding our crime scene cleanup training course or the reservation process, please contact Martha Lenz at 1-800-759-6960

Are You Getting 15,000 Visitors a Month?

CleanupBlog_Advertising7 and its sister sites now receive over 15,000 visitors a month.  Our visitors are looking for Crime & Trauma Scene Cleanup companies that service all parts of the United States.  Visitors are also searching our business directory for property restoration, mold removal and other biohazard remediation services.

In addition to our business directory, visitors can also find and print our free PDF Crime & Trauma Scene Cleanup Directory.  This handy desktop version is perfect for the desk drawer or maintenance folder and is a quick access guide for insurance adjusters and other businesses that may be in need of the services you offer.  This directory is made up of the paid listing members of  Our current version will be updated with new members at the end of May 2012.

Crime Scene Cleanup Companies Needed has too many work requests to be acted upon by our current list of active members.  As an example, our directory just received a request for a decomposition cleanup in California.  Unfortunately, our member list does not include any California crime scene cleanup companies.

On almost a daily basis our office receives crime & trauma scene cleanup requests from all parts of the United States.  While these service requests are sent out to our current listing members, many are in areas (such as California) that are not serviced by our current members. brings in 1,000’s of unique visitors every month.  Our listing members receive business exposure through their listing page, which includes photos, sales literature, banner ads and links to website, email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and much more.  Through our sister sites, our directory generates service leads that come directory to our office.  These leads are then sent out to our listing members.

Please take a few minutes to visit our directory at  If you find that your company services a particular state or an area where we have no other companies listed, please consider adding a listing.  Most of our most popular categories have received over 10,000 hits.  These hits do not include the thousands of visitors received by our sister websites.

To learn more about advertising with, please visit

Visitors to this page may also be looking for: crime scene cleanup advertising, hoarding cleanup, suicide cleanup, gross filth cleanup

Who’s Going Out of Business?

Sometimes we have no choice. For one reason or another a sustainable revenue is beyond our reach. Business must close for the last time and there’s nothing we can do about it. Or is there?

On more than one occassion our office has been contacted by a business owner in search of a buyer for their fledgeling business.  After less than a year in operation as a crime scene cleanup business and thousands in debt, one by one business owners decide it’s time to throw in the towel.  When asked why so soon, the answer is generally related to either a lack of business or too much competition.

Without a doubt business in the crime scene cleanup industry is sporadic.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason why one week there’s more work than can adequtely be staffed, while the next week the only incoming calls are from a fast talking salesman promising to make you rich with a $10 investment. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. comes through AGAIN is the most popular Crime Scene Cleanup Directory around.  With well over 6,000 visitors a month and over 80,000 visitors since its creation, people in need of assistance turn to  Through our directory member’s listing pages and sister sites such as this one in Georgia, our members are easy to find and easy to contact.  Gone are the days when victims and traumatized family members had to sift through hundreds of search engine listings to find a company in their city or neighborhood. makes it easy and our efforts are routinely praised by those who have found our members to be polite, knowledgeable and helpful.

Due to our numerous websites, blogs and directories, receives service requests from potential clients on a weekly basis.  As our members know, these are routinely sent via email as soon as they come into our office.  Recently we sent one such request to our members and received this response back from the client.

 Name: Lori

          City: Prescott Valley         

          State: Arizona

          Email Address:  (Hidden for Privacy)

          How Can We Help: Hoarding

Message: Thank you for your immediate assistance.  Richard Cota called me within 24 hours & is very professional. Making me comfortable in my time of need.  Richard came by today to evaluate my situation & a time frame for me to organize before service is started.   I’ve tried for several years to find someone to come in and help, but some individuals really don’t have their heart in this business & Phoenix / Tucson is a long way from Prescott Valley.  Thanks again I’ll email you once the service is completed.

These are the types of emails we receive from clients that we send to our members.  Unfortunately, we still do not have enough members to cover or handle all of the requests we receive.  Too many requests for service go unanswered simply because we do not have members in the state or city where the request originated.  

If you would like to receive more exposure for your business and the opportunity to bid on the Service Requests that we receive on a regular basis, please consider joining by following this link JOIN NOW. 

By joining will you have access to our endless supply of Service Requests generated by our sister websites.  You will also be able to take advantage of the 1,000’s of potential clients who visit our directory each month.  At only $99 a year, is the most cost effective advertising you will find that actually brings clients to your business through emails, phone calls and website exposure.

Where Can I Find Help?

We want to reach out to those of you who want more crime scene cleanup business (including hoarding, accidents and other incidents involving blood and bodily fluids).  After nearly three years of helping victims and family members find the help they need, we’re still falling short in our efforts.  On nearly a weekly basis, a victim, family member or friend contacts us for assistance.  Far too often we have to turn down their request for help, simply because we do not have enough members to assist them. 

As a nationwide directory that ranks at the top of Google for many industry keyword searches, we get calls for service and directory visitors from every city and state in the United States.  Although some of the best and largest crime scene cleanup companies are members of our directory, our relatively small list of members are unable to service the entire US.

Here’s a more detailed look at why we need your help:

  • receives over 5000 visitors a month.  These visitors search or view over 16,450 pages in our directory each month.
  • Many of our visitors are looking for a crime or trauma scene cleanup company in their area
  • There are thirty-one states (31) in our directory that none of our members service!
  • There are hundreds of cities in the US that our current members do not service
  • We routinely receive calls and emails from potential customers who we are unable to assist recently launched 100’s of city optimized websites, such as  Sites such as this one generate service requests that are routinely received by our office.  These requests are immediately sent to our listing members.  Unfortunately, we do not send many of these requests because we have no one available to help in the customer’s city or state.  Here is a sample request that was sent to our members today:

Name: Crystal

City: Denver

State: Colorado

Phone Number: (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Email Address:

How Can We Help: Decomposition

Message: My estranged husband died a several days ago. He was found aprox 3 or4 days after death. He died of alcohol poisoning. I have to.clean up his apartment since i am next of kin.

Hoarding, Blood, Crime & Death

Hoarding, blood, crime and death is the topic of our newest website,  This particular website works in conjuction with and serves to funnel internet traffic to our member’s listing pages.  Since its launch, we have received several emails regarding the purpose of our newest website.  Our team thought it would be helpful if we explained and its overall purpose.

Although remains our only “directory” style website in the Crime Scene Cleanup Industry, we are in the process of creating hundreds of sister sites to drive traffic to  The above referenced domain,, is one of those sister sites.  This particular domain is comprised of over 100 sub-domains that have been created and optimized for individual cities and industry specific keywords.  As with most of our sites, has been optimized for Google.  Our site rankings with other search engines may or may not be similar.

How to Start a Crime Scene Cleanup Business

On a daily basis our staff receives emails from individuals who are interested in starting a crime scene cleanup business.  Many of those who contact us have previous medical, military or law enforcement experience.  Very few have business experience. 

The Crime Scene Cleanup Industry is unlike many service industries.  Take for example the janitorial industry or security industry.  When a business owner secures a contract in either of these industries, he or she has the opportunity to cater to that particular client on a regular basis.  Both janitorial and security services are typically provided on a daily basis, which provides for a sustained and calculated income.  Crime & trauma scene cleanup does not offer this same type of job security.

Although skills learned in the medical, military and law enforcement fields can play an important role in your decision to start a crime scene cleanup business, it takes much more to be successful. Unlike many service industries where you may be able to rely on one or two big contracts to generate an adequate income, you must willing and able to work harder and smarter in building and maintaining your crime scene cleanup business.

Crime Scene Cleanup & Social Media

This month is proving to be the busiest traffic month so far for  With the integration of social media to our directory, we can only expect traffic to continue to grow.

In this ever increasingly competitive industry, it’s important for all of us to take advantage of social media to help build name recognition and awareness of the products and services we have to offer.  Since 2009, our directory has been helping companies large and small gain exposure and build name recognition.   Now, with the integration of social media to our business directory, businesses will see an even greater value to the services we provide.

In addition to the other benefits of our recent upgrade, members will now find:

   –  Your business directory listing is now linked to LinkedIn through
   –  Your business directory listing is now linked to Twitter through
   –  Your business directory listing is now linked to Facebook through
   –  Your business directory listing is now linked to Skype through

In addition to the above, all members will see a Facebook Like/Comment button under their company name in their listing profile.  This feature is one of the best we’ve added to our ongoing list of services.  Now any visitor can “like” your listing page and/or company, which is automatically displayed on their facebook page.  Try it out, it’s GREAT!!!

To view all of these extra services in “action”, please visit

Thousands of visitors a month find our directory.  Through our directory they may discover your website, send you an email, call you on Skype, view your Twitter page, view your LinkedIn profile, “Like” you on Facebook, view your company photos, download sales literature, learn about your business and so much more.

At $99 a year, this is the best source of advertising you will find.

If you are not a member of, you may be missing out on business leads and important business exposure.  It may be time to join!

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