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website segment Are You Converting Visitors into Paying Customers?Happy New Year from all of us at

As we start a new year most of us will consider making changes in our personal lives.  Equally important will be the changes you choose to make in your business. As our personal lives, our happiness and level of success are often intertwined with our business and professional lives, changes to either will often affect one another.

Following our previous email, we received numerous responses and requests from members of  To those of you who have asked us to assist with your website optimization and social media marketing, we will respond to you very soon.  To those members who have renewed your membership with our crime scene cleanup directory, thank you very much.

In light of business changes you may choose to make in 2014, we would like to take a minute to discuss a recent comment made by one of our members.  The comment expressed this member’s concern that he was not receiving enough business leads from  While this is a very valid concern for any business owner who spends money for a business directory listing, we submit the following in response. brings in thousands of potential customers every month.  Unlike directories similar to, which charges hundreds of dollars a month and caters to customers and businesses in every industry, changes only $100 a year and targets individuals only looking for crime & trauma scene remediation services. can bring potential clients to your doorstep, but that’s as far as we can bring them.  We cannot bring them into your business or close the deal.  This is your job.  If you are not reaping the benefits of a paid membership with, you need to look at several factors that may be affecting your ability to convert website visitors into paying customers.  Here are some ideas:

  • What does your directory listing look like at Is it thorough and concise? Do you have links to your website? Do you have enough information on your listing page to entice someone to click through to your website? Do you include pictures and sales literature in your listing?
  • When a potential client clicks through to your website, what does he or she find?  Like your directory listing page, is your website clear, concise and easy to navigate?  Do you use neutral colors or bright bold colors? Do you include a “Call to Action” on each page of your website? Do all of your internal links work?
  • If a customer is pleased with your directory listing page and website, he or she may feel comfortable enough to call you. Now think about your method of accepting incoming calls.  Can a potential client always reach a member of your staff to discuss his or her needs or are they sent to an answering service or voicemail.  In this industry most individuals will want to talk to a live person who is knowledgeable about their unique situation.  An answering service or voicemail will typically send them in search of another company for help.
  • Does your website allow for an individual to complete a detailed email/contact form to explain their situation?  So many potential clients, especially hoarders, will want to first make contact via email before making the initial phone call.
  • Do you have a means for potential clients to chat with a help desk or support personnel?  If not, very inexpensive (and often free) systems exist that will integrate with your existing website.
  • How do you track incoming traffic to your website?  How do you track incoming calls to your business? How many people have found you through and simply tell you “I found you online”.  An individual may very well find you on, then conduct a search of Google to see what your company has to offer or if there are any negative entries about your company.  The individual will then click through to your website and simply tell you “I found you through your website”. 

The bottom line is we can only do so much for you.  Take advantage of the potential clients who visit each month. Treat them to a well-designed and thoughtfully layed out directory listing. Take time to redesign your website (if that’s what it needs) so that it helps you to receive an initial contact, whether by email or phone, from a potential client.  Remember – the key to business success is your ability to convert potential clients into paying clients.

  • If you need help with your business listing, please ask us.
  • If you can’t remember your username or password to log into your directory control panel, please ask us.
  • If you would like to create a new account and start over, please feel free to do so.

There are very few limits to what you can do at  The amount of information you can present to potential clients through our directory is extensive.  We offer you all of the tools you need to put your company in front of people who need your services. You should take full advantage of this opportunity.

In closing consider your listing with and the information you provide to entice a click through to your website. Consider your website and all that it has to offer. And, take time to create a free listing and write business related articles at  Again, the more an individual sees and recognizes your company name in print and advertising, the more likely that person will be to contact you when your services are needed.

Best of luck to you and all your business endeavors in 2014.

website segment Offering 50% Off PromotionDue to several recent requests, we have decided to extend our last advertised promotion.  Until February 28th, 2014 you may renew or submit a new PLATINUM listing with for only $49.50 for an entire year.  This represents a 50% discount!

To take advantage of this discount, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your existing account; or
  2. If you do not have a current account, go to and choose “Platinum Member” to create an account
  3. If paying a past due invoice, choose the “Invoice” link from the left-hand menu to make a payment using the 50% off coupon code; or
  4. If you have an account and have never created a listing page, choose “Advertise” from the left-hand menu to create a new listing; then
  5. Enter coupon code 2BF8903 during the checkout process to save 50% on your Platinum Listing Package

If you haven’t checked out our directory for awhile, here is what you’ve missed:

  • Better search engine optimization, which means more traffic coming to our directory
  • Hundreds of new websites have been launched, which target individual cities throughout the US. These new websites are bringing thousands of new visitors to our directory every month.
  • A PDF version of our directory, listing each member and service locations
  • Integration of social media to our directory.  Now you can link your listing page and company information to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Skype.
  • Better mapping capabilities
  • Better search capabilities
  • And, so much more

So you have a company website, or two.  Why not use to help drive potential customers to your website?  Why not use to help your business gain important name recognition?

Too often companies fail to properly advertise their business.  They create a website, put their name in a phone book and call it a day.  To be successful in today’s business environment, you must have a well-rounded marketing plan.

For over five years, we have been helping our members to reach potential customers.  Thanks to the many emails we’ve received from our clients and visitors, we know that we are succeeding. We know that is helping victims and family members find the help they deserve.

If you wish to advertise in multiple states, using the discount code above, here’s how it works:

  1. Log into your account control panel with
  2. Choose “Advertise” from the left-hand menu
  3. Choose “Platinum Member” – don’t be concerned about the price!
  4. Choose a primary category for your business (additional categories will be added on the next page)
  5. Complete the entire second page with all of your relevant business information
  6. Choose a different state than the one you selected in your first directory listing from the “Location” drop down menu.  This location selection is what drives traffic to your listing when clients use our search bar at the top of each page of the directory.  Thus, if your primary directory listing is set for Michigan, only Michigan residents will find you.  If you service Wisconsin as well, you must create a second listing (as described above) for Wisonsin residents to find you.
  7. Once you have completed this page, click the submit button and fill in the payment information on the following page.
  8. When you are ready to check out, enter coupon code 2BF8903 to receive $49.50 off your second listing page.  With this discount, your second (and all subsequent) listings will only cost $49.50 for an entire year (offer only valid until February 28, 2014)
  9. Repeat the steps above for every state you wish to list your company in.

As always, please feel free to contact us  should you have any questions or need assistance with your listing page or login information.

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